Friday, June 14, 2013

Philip, An International Minister

Philip was on his way to Gaza when the Holy Spirit influenced him to go up near the Ethiopian traveler and determine just where he was in his walk of faith. It’s obvious that Philip had found someone who was searching for something else. Something more. And Philip was there at just the right time to answer his questions. Of course, we know this whole ordeal was orchestrated by the divine work of God. He brings people to those who have answers. Ian and I recently had the opportunity to meet Nan from Shang Hai who arrived for the first time in the U.S. to begin studying at Thunderbird School of Global Management. We picked him up at the airport. We were the first Americans he met. We took him to the school and got him settled, then on to Walmart where Ian was very helpful in getting him what he needed for dorm life. Next, we were off to the Apple store where he purchased a new computer and iphone. And finally for his first meal in the states, we took him to In & Out, a famous burger place here in Phoenix (also his first drive-thru!). This scenario has been quite common-place for us as we work with international students here. However, Nan was different. He said he wasn’t here to necessarily get a degree, get a career and get rich like the majority of students do. He said there was something missing in his life, there had to be something more. For the first time… the first time, we told Nan about a God that designed all things and wanted all peoples to know he had the answers. That is the joy of international ministry! However, other friends we have made have traveled on after graduation.

Owen, a Christian, has been studying with me weekly and is better equipped to share Christ with others as he leaves to search for a job and reunite with his family after 2 years.
Hai Bing and his family have left too. While seeds were planted, and prayers were prayed, they were unable to rationalize that a God exists. That is the poignant side of this ministry.

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